【Klook独家:KJ】阿嬷老字号(Ah Mah)幕后故事 & 糕点制作品尝

The Refectory SG: 351 Braddell Rd, #01-01, Singapore 579713
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Take a behind-the-scenes look into the recipes that have defined the Phua family for 3 generations - an amazing Journey that was sparked by Shiny Phua's grandmother's (Ah Mah) emigration from China, to how she raised a family by baking and selling traditional Teochew cakes ("Gu Kueh"). Shiny Phua, a design student turned food artist; brings to life this tribute Journey to her Ah Mah, giving you a sneak peek into generations-old family secrets, while adding her own modern interpretation with new flavours that have delighted her fanbase. Have a blast experiencing first hand making these traditional Kuehs, whose recipes use only natural colouring and ingredients, in a unforgettable Journey from past to present.


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Journey Stages

When you embark on this Kindred Journey, you can expect to experience the following*:


Follow Shiny Phua as she takes you through a Journey down memory lane as she weaves memories of her Ah Mah, to her art school days and inspirations of her home-based business. See what it took to build her business and how her entrepreneurial chops were inspired by her grandmother's own Journey.


Attendees will:

  • Explore the history and methods of Gu Kuehs and why they are a staple of traditional Chinese foods throughout history.
  • Learn the diversity of colours – how to mix natural colours into existing sweet potato colours. Basically use what nature gives you and embrace it.
  • Go through a guided class featuring Shiny’s Gu Kueh (Traditional Tortoise Cake) in a variety of local flavours.

Attendees will:

  • Savour a tasting platter of a range of local flavours wrapped in Signature Sweet Potato Skins
  • Bring home 1x Box of 4 Signature Gu Kuehs by Shiny Phua

Sessions require a set minimum number of participants. If the minimum is not met, you can book an alternative date or request a full refund.

Storyteller: Shiny Phua, founder of Ah Mah's legacy

Ah Mah's Legacy
Ah Mah's Legacy
Ah Mah's Legacy
Ah Mah's Legacy
Ah Mah's Legacy
Ah Mah's Legacy
Ah Mah's Legacy
Ah Mah's Legacy
Ah Mah's Legacy
Ah Mah's Legacy



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