【Klook客路独家】新加坡知名Zhi Char餐厅探索 & 美食品尝

Keng Eng Kee Seafood @ Alexandra Village: 124 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-136, Singapore 150124
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Sneak a peek inside one of Singapore’s most renowned family Zhi Char establishments. Follow this three-generational restaurant as they take you on a journey through the evolution of their dishes. Discover what is wok-hei cooking, the wrapping of their signature hei-chor and savour a tasting menu at the restaurant.


Kindred Journey is a collection of exclusive, one-of-a-kind F&B-related experiences that tell the story of Singapore's culinary culture and heritage. Buy a ticket to one of our many exciting Journeys and follow the footsteps of a Singapore-based culinary personality (the "Storyteller") as they take you deep behind the scenes into their culinary world. Learn secret recipes that have lived for generations, roll sushi hand-in-hand with a Michelin-starred chef, or take a moment for yourself to practice for mindfulness through Silent Dining - every hidden-gem Journey that you embark on will be in-person with our Storytellers, for the ultimate authentic experience.

Journey Stages

When you embark on this Kindred Journey, you can expect to experience the following:


Paul, the 3rd generation co-owner, will share the story and journey of Keng Eng Kee and how each generation develops their own recipes to be passed down. Attendees will also learn about wok-hei and get a sneak peek into Keng Eng Kee's kitchen where chef will demonstrate a live wok-hei and the wrapping of the restaurant's signature hei-chor


Attendees will get a chance to toss their own wok hei and wrap the hei-chor with the guidance of Paul & Wayne


Tasting menu for 2 includes liver claypot (Non-liver option available), coffee pork ribs, moonlight horfun and a choice of a non-alcoholic beverage per guest.

**Menu subject to changes from time to time

Attendees will also get to bring home the hei-chor that they have wrapped

Sessions require a set minimum number of participants. If the minimum is not met, you can book an alternative date or request a full refund.

Storyteller: Paul & Wayne Liew (3rd generational owners)

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